My love of neutrals... it's unhealthy.



Paige Davis is a multimedia artist currently living in Lenexa, KS. She earned her BFA in Visual Art from Clemson University, South Carolina.  



My early work was inspired by organic forms found in the mountains of the Carolinas and Tennessee and my personal vegetable garden; I sought to re-contextualize root systems and bulbs, emphasizing how these often unseen growth systems inhabit and lay claim to their environment. The resulting works were often abstract interpretations of space. Working with oil paint allowed me to enhance surface textures and create a lush backdrop for the imagined environment.

After moving to Kansas in 2013, I maintained my interest in subjects found in nature with exposure to the new Midwest landscape and abundance of state parks. This new “alien” environment shaped my hobbies, encouraging a different connection with nature based in primitive camping, fishing, hunting, and tracking that nurtured a more sensitive approach to observation. The edge of the grasses is a transition point for discovery and sets up a relationship with the flat prairie and trees beyond that is reminiscent of a small city structure.

I currently enjoy working with illustration and drawing based mediums such as graphite, gouache, ink, and markers that lend themselves to quicker studies and experiments. Embracing my new environment and maintaining the personal sense of discovery and observation, I think of my drawings as specimens that have not yet been identified. As in my early works, they are abstract organic forms and based on textures found in nature but with an increased emphasis on sensitivity with mark making and mapping out larger spaces to find potential areas for detail and elaboration. I enjoy incorporating materials such as fly-fishing thread as a nod to my inspiration from camping and the outdoors as well as a tool with which to give the abstract form visual and spatial points of reference.

My work and ideas are ever changing (annoyingly so at times!)- my husband and artist, Samuel Davis, and my kitties, Louis & Bijou, keep me sane :) Please check my website and Instagram for updates! 

I am available for commission work as well - please email me and we can chat!

All my best, 


Paige Davis